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4 Week Climbing Supercharge – Hill Climbing Training Program


4-Week periodized training program to help develop the skills and fitness for climbing in and out of the saddle, making and covering attacks and maintaining a steady pace over varying pitches.


Are you ready to hang with the pack on climbs, make and cover attacks and finally find your climbing legs?

If you’re sick of getting dropped every time the grade ramps up or don’t feel like your legs have the strength to make it to the top, this 4-week training module will help sharpen your climbing skills, teaching you the necessary skills to handle punchy climbs as well as longer, sustained ones.

What you’ll learn:

  • The necessary skills to build the endurance to cover attacks, pace changes and varying terrain
  • The fitness to climb in and out of the saddle
  • How to roll over power at the peak of a climb
  • Periodized workouts progressively build from week-to-week

Workouts are based on either Lactate Threshold (LTHR as measured with a heart rate monitor) or Lactate Threshold (FTP, as measured with a power meter).

Because of the higher intensity training (HIIT), we recommend that beginners or riders just getting back into training first complete the Base module in order to have the necessary fitness to support these climbing workouts. Athletes who have put in steady miles or have some racing or events under their belt this season, should be fine with this 4-week program.



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