Thousand Helmet Review [2021]: Is It Right for Your Needs?

Reducing your ecological footprint or staying fit are some of the most obvious benefits of cycling to work, but it is paramount to stay safe while moving through the city on a bicycle. In this Thousand helmet review, we’re going to take a closer look at the brand’s models and their ability to safeguard cyclists.

Unlike mountain bike helmets that are designed to absorb strong impacts and prevent head injury, helmets for commuter bikers are often more aesthetic than functional. The Thousand brand manufacturers affordable helmets that offer a perfect combination of style and practicality.

This relatively young brand offers Chapter and Heritage collections that feature models with excellent safety features. Our Thousand Helmet review will help you decide if any of the brand’s models meet your expectations in terms of performance and appearance.

Key Specifications of Thousand helmets

Scope of applications Skating, urban cycling
Available sizes S,M,L
Adjustments system Dial fit system
Ventilation type 7 or 8 air vents and three cooling channels
Safety features MIPS technology
Profile visor Yes
Weight Between 360g and 490g depending on the model
Latest price Check latest prices here

Core features of Thousand Helmets

A thousand people die in cycling accidents every year, in the United States, while there are approximately 50,000 cycling-related injuries that take place nationwide annually. Statistics indicate that up to 70% of fatal outcomes in these accidents could have been avoided if the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

The brand’s name Thousand is a reference to this statistic, but also a reminder that wearing adequate gear can save lives. This LA-based brand was founded in 2015 by Amar Patel and Gloria Hwang after a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its target in just nine hours.

Just a few short years later, Thousand offers two helmet collections for adults as well as a broad range of accessories. Go through our Kask Protone review if you’re searching for a helmet you can wear while cycling over rough terrains.

Product range

The brand lets you choose between 19 helmet models that are divided into these collections:

The Heritage collection is the most versatile because it contains 12 helmets, while there are just three options available in the Chapter collection. Thousand JR. the collection contains four models and it will hit the market in May 2021.

Skaters and cyclists can use helmets from the Heritage collection from injuries, but you should keep in mind that they aren’t equipped with MIPS technology. Consequently, models from this collection are only a good choice for a commuter cyclist who doesn’t ride their bikes on dirt roads.

Thousand’s Chapter Helmets have better safety features and the capacity to dampen high-strength impacts than any of the other brand’s models. Check out our guide to the best folding bikes if you’re struggling to find a spot where you can leave your bike while you’re at work.

Materials and design


The shells of all Thousand helmets are made of ABS plastic and they have a rubberized finish that helps reduce the severity of the impact. Besides, all of the brand’s helmet models are injection molded which simplifies the production process and reduces their costs.

Helmets from the Heritage and Chapter collections have a similar design, but their visors, vents, and visors are different. All models within both of these collections have the same features and the only difference between them is the color.

The brand drew inspiration for all of its helmet models from vintage motorcycle helmets from the 1950s and 1960s, which makes them a stylish option for cycling in urban environments. There are 12 color options in the Heritage collection and four color options in the Chapter collection.

Also, each model is available in S, M, and L sizes, and the manufacturer provides simple instructions on how to measure your head and choose the correct helmet size. Go through our guide to the best helmets that cost less than $100 if you want to see how they compare to the Thousand’s helmets.

Concussion protection and safety features

Protection from traumatic head injuries is the reason why wearing a helmet is so important. Thousand brand was founded with the goal to supply people who cycle to work with adequate protection against head injuries.

Besides the ABS plastic shell with a rubberized finish, the helmets from the Heritage collection contain an inner layer composed of dark foam plastic. This inner layer is glued to the helmet’s shell, which ensures it will stay in place regardless of how severe an impact is.

Models from this collection come with several removable interior fit pads, that increase their level of comfort and safety. However, removing interior pads won’t affect the helmet’s ability to protect you from injuries.

The Thousand Heritage helmets aren’t equipped with the MIPS technology and they aren’t efficient in situations when an impact takes place at an angle. You must opt for one of the models from the Chapter collection if you want to get a helmet that features a multi-directional impact protection system.

Models from the Chapter collection come with a 30-lumen magnetic tail light that can either be attached to the helmet or a bicycle. Read our Lazer Z1 review if you need a helmet that is more versatile than any of the Thousand’s models.

Weight and ventilation capacity


The average weight of a cycling helmet is around 300gr or 10oz. The weight of a Thousand helmet depends on the model and its size. So, an S size helmet from the Heritage collection weighs 410gr, the M size model weighs 460gr, while the L size Heritage helmets weigh 490gr.

Chapter helmets are considerably lighter as they can weigh between 360gr and 410gr depending on the size.

Also, the ventilation features of helmets from these two collections are different since the Heritage models have 7 vents with 3 cooling channels. A helmet from the Chapter collection has eight vents and three cooling channels.

One of the major differences between Chapter and Heritage helmets is the orientation of vents, since the vents on the Chapter models have a front-back vent orientation, while the Heritage helmets have a side-to-side orientation.

Consequently, you may hear an unpleasant sound if you wear a Heritage helmet while riding your bike at speeds higher than 10mph.

Fastener adjustment system

Finding a perfect position for a Thousand helmet is easy because all of the brand’s models come with a built-in dial fit system. You just have to turn the dial to tighten or loosen the helmet, and you can make further adjustments while riding your bike if the helmet feels uncomfortable.

The models from the Heritage collection are equipped with microfiber straps that are made of eco-friendly materials, while the Chapter helmets have nylon straps. All Thousand helmets come with a magnetic buckle that enables you to fasten the straps with one hand.

Check out our guide to the best electric bikes if you’re looking for an easier way to commute to work.

Cycling accessories


The PopLock feature that enables you to fasten the helmet to a bicycle with a U lock is available on all Thousand helmets. This feature can be useful if you can’t take the helmet with you, as you don’t want to worry about its safety while you’re away.

Also, the brand’s helmets come with a built-in visor that protects your eyes from the sun and allows you to have a clear overview of the road. You can purchase a visor for a Chapter helmet, but the selection is limited to a handful of models.

The brand manufactures helmet stickers, as well as bike bells and bike gloves. Go through our guide to the best shred-worthy mountain bike gloves if none of the Thousand’s models meet your expectations.

Cost and warranty

When compared to other commuter bike helmets, all of the Thousand’s models are moderately priced. The helmets from the Heritage collection can be purchased for $89, while the models from the Chapter collection are more expensive as they cost $135.

The brand provides a one-year limited warranty for all of their models, and a free replacement if you damage your helmet in an accident. The Heritage collection models have a CE EN1078 certificate that vouches for their safety.

The models from the Chapter collection have both CE EN1078 and CPSC safety certificates. Read our guide to biking in the rain to avoid potential accidents.

The pros of Thousand Helmets

Powerful customization features

Finding a biking helmet that fits on your head perfectly may be difficult. A thousand helmets come with a broad range of customization features that allow you to adjust how tight the helmet is and increase or decrease its level of comfort.

Attractive design

Bikers who appreciate the style of vintage moto lids are going to love wearing a Thousand helmets. There are overall 16 color options in both brand’s collections so chances are that you can easily find the one that matches your style.

Great ventilation

A Thousand helmet can have 7 or 8 air vents that keep the air circulating through the helmet to prevent excessive sweating. The interior of all the brand’s helmets features three cooling channels that reduce the chances of overheating during long rides.

Some models come with a tail light

Commuters who often ride their bikes in low-light conditions can benefit from getting a Thousand Chapter helmet that comes with a tail light. You can choose to attach the tail light to the helmet or your bike, but you should keep in mind that its maximum runtime is 1 hour.

Reasonably priced

A good biking helmet costs between $75 and $150 and all Thousand helmets fall within this price range. These helmets are made from durable materials, so they won’t deteriorate quickly after their one-year warranty expires.

The cons of Thousand Helmets

Some models can be heavy

The L size of the Thousand Heritage helmet weighs 490gr, which makes it significantly heavier than helmets produced by competing brands. Models from the Chapter series are somewhat lighter but the L size of this helmet still weighs 410gr.

The best alternatives to Thousand helmets

Even though they have a lot to offer Thousand helmets are not perfect. Their design might not be according to everyone’s taste or their awkwardly positioned vents may produce the noise that disturbs you while riding your bike at high speeds.

Numerous competing brands offer models that have features similar to those you can find on a Thousand helmet. We’ve selected some of the best alternatives to Thousand helmets, so here’s what they have to offer.

Giro Cormic Helmet

Giro Cormick

A great ventilation system that contains 18 vets makes the Giro Cormic Helmet one of the best options for urban cycling. This Giro’s model is equipped with the MIPS technology that enables it to dampen blows to the head regardless of the direction they’re coming from.

The hard shell contains a rugged outer shell and an inner polycarbonate shell that can withstand high amounts of pressure and redirect the force to avoid head injury. This helmet is equipped with a Roc Loc Sport fit system that allows you to adjust the helmet to your needs within seconds.

The Giro Cormic Helmet is an affordable option for anyone who uses a bike for city commuting.

Lumos Smart Helmet

lumos smart helmet

The futuristic design or 360-degree visibility are some of the reasons why Lumos Smart Helmets have become so popular in such a short time. The helmet has front and backlights that can produce up to 500 lumens of light, which is sufficient to make a cyclist clearly visible in the dark.

This smart helmet signals your intentions and shows the direction in which you want to turn while the automatic brake lights reduce the chances of collisions from behind. You can control the helmet’s controls through a remote, Lumos Companion app, or from your Apple watch.

The Lumos Smart Helmet is almost twice as expensive as the Thousand Chapter helmets.

POC Omne Air Helmet


The POC Omne Air Helmet is available in a broad spectrum of colors that ranges from hydrogen white to uranium black. The heaviest L size version of this helmet weighs just 350gr, which makes it considerably lighter than any of the Thousand’s helmets.

This POC’s model has advanced safety features as it contains SPIN or Shearing Pad Inside silicon pad technology and EPS liner capable of absorbing high force impacts. The helmet features a 360-degree adjustment system that lets you find the most comfortable position.

The eye garage feature provides the storage room for your sunglasses and grants you quick access to them whenever you need them.

Frequently asked questions about Thousand Helmets

Question: Are Thousand helmets designed exclusively for urban cycling?

Answer: All of the Thousand’s models protect the head from hard blows during accidents, but they are not designed for use at dirt roads or off-road cycling trails.

Question: How to know which Thousand helmet size is right for me?

Answer: It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to determine which Thousand helmet size is right for you and avoid getting the model that is too small or too large for you.

Question: How often do I have to replace a Thousand helmet?

Answer: The general rule is that a cycling helmet shouldn’t be used for more than five years. The same rule applies to all Thousand helmets as they lose some of their properties over time.

Question: How to care for a Thousand helmet?

Answer: The manufacturer recommends cleaning the exterior shell, the fitting system, and cushioning pads with soap and water, but advises against submerging the entire helmet. Keep in mind that storing a Thousand helmet near a heat source or in direct sunlight can damage it.

Final thoughts – Are Thousand Helmets a good choice for bike commuters?

It only takes a second of inattention for an accident to happen. That’s why you have to be prepared for all the challenges cycling in the urban environment brings. Even though wearing a helmet is a personal choice, it is a choice that can protect you from serious injuries.

A thousand helmets from Chapter and Heritage collections combine a vintage look with advanced safety and adjustment features. If you don’t mind the additional cost we recommend choosing a Thousand Chapter helmet because it utilizes MIPS technology to absorb impacts from all angles.

Models from the Heritage collections are a great option if you need a helmet you can use while riding a skateboard or cycling to work. Getting the Giro Cormic Helmet or the POC Omne Air Helmet might be a great choice if Heritage helmets are too heavy for you or if you don’t like their ventilation features.

Which Heritage helmet are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best backpacks for bike commuting.