Cannondale Badboy 1 Review and Guide

cannondale badboy 1 review

It’s been called the ultimate urban ride, forward-thinking and unafraid to tackle traffic challenges. But is the Cannondale Badboy 1 the best city bike to guide you through your daily commute?

More Americans are biking, and that spike isn’t just limited to mountain biking. Rather, the interest in biking can also be credited to young workers in cities biking to work.… Read more

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Guide

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

Ever wanted to get into biking but can’t decide between a road bike and a mountain bike? That decision and how expensive bikes are can make it challenging to know where to start. The good news is that a little information can guide you to the best hybrid bikes under $500. 

Biking is more popular than ever. From hitting trails with mountain bikes to taking a ride out on a local road, there’s no doubt that biking is being embraced as a sport, form of exercise, and way to socialize.Read more

Hövding Bike Helmet Review: Is It Worth Buying?

hovding bike helmet review

Everyone’s been told to wear a bike helmet— whether it’s just been for a casual ride, a daily commute, or intense mountain biking. But the Hövding bike helmet is offering new technology that may blow other helmets out of the water. This review will investigate: is Hövding’s helmet as remarkable as it seems, or just expensive?

Whether you’re an amateur or professional bike rider, bike helmets are a must.… Read more

Wybieraj Legalne Kasyno Online

Po spełnieniu podstawowych zasad rejestracji, Twoje konto jest całkowicie napisane. Wejdź na witrynę, zaloguj się oraz sprawdź – Twój bonus powinien zostać naliczony automatycznie. Wybierz dobrą grę – Jeśli masz tego rodzaju możliwość, zawsze wybieraj automat z najlepszym współczynnikiem RTP. Tenże wskaźnik definiuje ewentualny zwrot zainwestowanych gotówki na grę.

  • Pokażemy Ci stopniowo i damy wytyczne dotyczące rejestracji, ażebyś nie przegapił jakiegokolwiek bądź kroku i miał możliwość otrzymać swoje IceCasino 50 darmowych spinów, aby rozpocząć grę.
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14 of the Best Trail-Ready Mountain Bike Shoes

best mountain bike shoes

Updated 10/11/21

When you first start mountain biking, an ordinary pair of running or hiking shoes will probably do you just fine. But once you’ve decided this is the sport for you, a more specific shoe can definitely help improve your performance.

What you go for will depend on the type of riding you do, the weather conditions you ride in, and your budget.

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Top Road Bikes Under $1000: Grab More Speed for Less Cash

top road bikes under 1000

Last updated: 5/16/17

If you’re just getting into cycling or looking for an upgrade, you’ll find a slew of bikes to choose from in the $1,000 price range. At this price point you can expect to find bikes with aluminum forks and frames, lower end components and a more upright geometry, designed with comfort in mind.

For the average entry level cyclist, these five top road bikes under $1,000 will provide a solid platform for skill development and allow for future upgrades as your riding progresses.

For the price and versatility, our top pick is the GT Grade Alloy 105.

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Get Fast! 8 Top Carbon Fiber Road Bikes Under $2,000

best road bikes under 2000

If you’re looking for an upgrade or are ready to get serious about investing in a road bike, these top road bikes under $2,000 are a great place to start. This price point hits the sweet spot between entry level road bikes and more serious racing machines.

Drop 2k and you’ll have the pleasure of riding full carbon fiber. You’ll get a taste of a lighter bike that’s more speed and performance oriented. These tend to be solid all-day rides or decent entry level race bikes.

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Is Your Seat a Pain in the Butt? How to Choose the Best Road Bike Saddle


Last updated 2/10/17

If you’ve never struggled to find a comfortable saddle, consider yourself lucky. For most new riders and even seasoned veterans, the struggle to park your butt on a comfortable perch is all too real and can put a serious damper on riding time. Even the best bike saddle can wear out and collapse over time, suddenly turning into a torture chamber.  

Finding the perfect saddle doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. Just avoid these five common mistakes.

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8 Awesome Bike Helmets for Under $100

Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, heading out for a long all-day ride with the crew, or just tooling around the park, you should wear a helmet.

There aren’t any laws in this country requiring cyclists to wear helmets (unless they are under a certain age) but statistics do show that the risk of serious head injury is reduced by 70% if the rider is wearing a helmet.

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